Iced Coffee (Cold Brew)

Iced coffee is the nectar of the gods on a hot summer’s day in the stuffy city. If you find that tea and coffee are just too hot given the current temperatures, but need your caffeine fix nevertheless, this is the drink for you. I was introduced to it when I was in New York a few summers ago, where it flows like water, which is unsurprising given the temperatures there during July! I highly recommend making it the night before a sunny day, and it will provide you with the most wonderful refreshments on those days when it’s just too hot to work.

Thank you so much to my lovely sister-in-law Kate for showing me how to make this!

Iced Cold-Brew Coffee

You will need:

Ground Coffee

A cafetiere

A large jar, or two small jars

Ice cubes (optional)

Milk and sugar (optional)


  1. Put the ground coffee in the cafetiere. You should add more coffee than you would for a hot cup of coffee – I recommend 3-4 tablespoons for 600 – 650ml. Fill to the top with cold water. Give it a thorough stir.
  2. Leave it for 12+ hours, with a nice, friendly, Ross Gellar-style note on it. iced coffee 001
  3. Once it’s all nice and brewed, plunge the cafetiere. Pour it into a jar, and leave it in the fridge to do a little more chilling (if you just can’t wait for your yummy iced coffee, putting ice cubes in it will chill it).
  4. Find a nice tall glass. If you want sugar in your iced coffee, I recommend putting it in first with a little coffee and mix it together, then adding the rest of the coffee (since sugar doesn’t dissolve so easily in cold liquid – thank you, year 7 chemistry!).
  5. Pour the rest of the iced coffee in, and add milk and ice cubes if desired. Give it a good stir and enjoy it sitting outside in the sun, or from a thermos in the library- whichever way you have it, it will be a wonderful refreshment for your day. iced coffee 016
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