Beautiful Böreks

Another Turkish speciality that I fell in love with whilst in Turkey was the börek. Made with paper-thin filo or yufka pastry, it can be sweet or savoury and filled with whatever delicious filling you can concoct. Although the börek can be folded, layered or rolled and comes in all different shapes and sizes across Turkey and parts of South-eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, I wish to share with you the pretty spiral-shaped spinach börek that I was treated to during my stay as well as a few of my own inspired by them. I hope you love them as much as I do!


1 onion finely chopped

2 garlic cloves (optional)

1 bag spinach approx.. 200g

nutmeg (optional)

fresh parsley (optional)


1 packet of ready rolled filo pastry (I bought mine from Sainsbury’s and the size and shape worked well)

melted butter appox. 50g

1 beaten egg (to glaze)

You can also add a spoonful of yoghurt or cream cheese or a handful of crumbled feta cheese to the mixture or some seeds or grated cheese to the top of the egg glaze.


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180˚c.
  2. Fry the onion and garlic in a small pan for about 5 minutes until golden.
  3. Over a low heat add the torn or chopped spinach to the pan along with any cheese, yoghurt, spices, herbs and seasoning as you desire. Cook until just past wilted – 2 or 3 minutes.
  4. Line a tray with baking parchment and lightly grease it.
  5. Lay your filo pastry on a clean surface and cover with a tea towel to prevent them from drying out. If the sheets seem particularly dry, it also helps if the tea towel is a little damp.
  6. Take your first sheet from the top of the pile and brush with melted butter. Lay a small amount of filling from corner to corner, just below the diagonal (or longest) side as in the picture, leaving a bit of space at each end.P1070683
  7. Draw the closest corner over the filling and roll up to the farthest corner. Then start rolling up the spiral, leaving a little flap at the end to tuck underneath the börek as you lay it on the baking tray.P1070715P1070693
  8. My Sainsbury’s pastry made 13 small böreks (they always seem to sweetly give me more than the 12 that are apparently in the packet!) Brush the tops with beaten egg and bake on the middle shelf of your pre-heated oven for about 25 minutes until crisp and golden.
  9. These go beautifully with Flossie’s delicious hummus or easy-peasy homemade yoghurt!
  10. Again this recipe is open to experimentation and creativity – why not try:

Beetroot and Cumin:

To make 12:

3 or 4 medium cooked beetroots approx.. 250g

1 onion

2 tsp cumin


melted butter appox. 50g

1 beaten egg to glaze

Banana and (White) Chocolate (mmnn):

To make 12:

3 mashed bananas

a few handfuls of chocolate chips/chopped chocolate

melted butter appox. 50g

1 beaten egg and a spoonful of sugar to glaze



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