Homemade Yoghurt with Fruit, Honey and Cereals

Yoghurt is so surprisingly easy to make, and at a fraction of the cost of shop bought yoghurt, it’s perfect for students, especially as a vitalising breakfast or brunch with sweet, soft fruit and crunchy cereals. You can add whatever you like to concoct your own perfect yoghurt-based creation: jam, honey, oats, fruit, cereals, maple syrup, peanut butter? And there are oodles of other uses for yoghurt, such as serving on top of hot curries or spicy chillis, so it’s always handy to have in the fridge!

It can be tricky to judge the correct temperatures and times for heating and cooling the yoghurt to begin with, so don’t be disheartened if it dosen’t work first time. Once you become familiar with the temperatures and get used to making your own yoghurt, it couldn’t be simpler!

You can then use a teaspoon of your own yoghurt to start off your next batch and with a nurturing hand it will grow and grow, keeping you provided with an unending supply of fresh, natural, homemade yoghurt.


For the yoghurt:

1 tsp plain yoghurt (you can buy a small tub from the supermarket to use as the ‘starter’ for your yoghurt)

450ml semi-skimmed or full-fat milk

With my yoghurt, I love to have:

½ tsp honey

a banana

a nectarine

cereals with freeze dried strawberries

You will need:

A food or drinks flask that will hold the quantity of milk required (a wide-necked food flask works well)P1030266Recipe:

  1. Place your milk in a saucepan over a low-medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes until it is just beginning to boil up (be careful not to let it boil over). Remove from the heat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes. You want it to be just below 50˚c which you can test by dipping your finger into the milk which should feel hot, but just comfortable enough to hold your finger in.
  2. Pour the milk into your flask and stir in the teaspoon of yoghurt. Screw the lid on tight to keep the heat in and put in a cosy place where it won’t get cold. A hot press/airing cupboard is ideal. As long as it doesn’t go in the fridge the flask should keep the heat in well enough, this will just help it along.
  3. Leave your yoghurt for about 8 hours to work its magic! When it’s ready, transfer it into an airtight container and refrigerate. It will thicken up a little more in the fridge.
  4. Mix in a bowl with whatever delights your creative mind desires.

Yoghurt 5 Border 2

Yoghurt with mashed raspberries

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