The First Sentence

They always say that the first sentence of an essay, the first term of university and the first year of graduation are the hardest. Having just graduated, we can fully appreciate how difficult it is to leave the cosy nest of home and enter into a scary, yet exciting world. So with these firsts in mind, we want to encourage you to leave your comfort zone, whether you’re a fresher cooking for the first time or a seasoned student. We hope you’ll find inspiration here to discover something new.

End of Term 003

We’re Flossie and Rosanna, collectively known as Flossanna. We met studying Classics at the University of Nottingham and were brought together through a shared love of vegetarianism, Disney and Harry Potter, which has led people to believe that we’re the same person (we’re not). In final year we frequently created beautiful recipes using the ingredients from our vegetarian cupboard which was lovingly decorated with pictures of famous vegetarians. We would like to share these recipes with the world.

Our Flossannaphy:

  1. Everyone can cook; no-one is born better at it, and it just takes simple, easy-to-understand recipes and practice to accomplish delicious meals. Just have confidence.
  2. You don’t have to be vegetarian to use vegetarian recipes. Just have a go; be adventurous.

Our aim is to introduce to the world our alternative take on student cookbooks, which leave us wondering if the writer was ever a student. They require you to make pastry from scratch, call for ingredients such as Kirsch (what even is this?!), radicchio, and white pepper, and have chapters dedicated to breakfast (who has time to make breakfast from scratch before a 9am lecture?). Will you join in our crusade?

In this blog, we will be posting recipes twice a week including quick suppers, lunchbox fillers and essay treats. Sometimes we’ll have our own recipes, and sometimes we’ll adapt from recipe books and other websites. Please do comment on recipes with reviews, suggestions and constructive criticism.

So be our guest, be our guest, put our recipes to the test!

Thank you, all, for reading.

Flossanna x

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2 thoughts on “The First Sentence

  1. Caitlin on said:

    Flossie, I love this so much! Do you take submissions?

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